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QMetry Test Management for JIRA

 JIRA Cloud 1.6

Release Date: 2017-06-10

Version 1.60

Redesigned Test Authoring based on User Experience survey

    • Action Step is now known as Test Case and Step Unit as Test Step.
    • Now Test Case can directly be linked with Story.
    • While it’s great to reuse a Test Case and associate them individually, it gets tricky when you have multiple of them. Now you can find multiple Test Cases based on criteria and associate them to a story.
    • Need more space when you add Test Step Details? Now Test Step boxes can be extended as much as required.
    • Test Step is Wiki Markup enabled now. So, now you can add Images, HTML content, Links and many more things in Step Details, Expected Result and Test Data.
    • Clone functionality is removed from Test Scenario.
  • Reports will work at Test Case level now.
  • Automation attributes are very helpful when you are using automation. However, it can be distraction If you are not using Automation. Now you can choose to display Automation Attributes panel using Configuration screen.
  • Currently only bugs can be associated as bugs in Test Execution Screen. Now you will be able to associate any issue type as a bug in Test Execution Screen.

 JIRA Cloud 1.5

Release Date: 2017-04-01

Summary: Release 1.5

April Fool Release – Automation Test Management New Features


Although its released on April Fool’s day, there’s no fooling around. It’s all about Serious Big Data Analytics Engine at work behind the scenes.

  • Integrating Automation Results with QMetry Test management now becomes more secure, scalable and reliable. No matter how big your files are, we can handle it.
  • As large amount of data is being processed, you can now see the status of processing and progress made from inside JIRA.
  • Review all your historic uploads along with completion logs, all inside JIRA.
 JIRA Cloud 1.4

Release Date: 2017-02-25

Summary: Release 1.4


  • Based on extensive User Experience Research conducted, we have redesigned Test Execution Page so that you can update Test Results in no time.
  • Test Execution Screen - Much more extensive search and filter criteria.
  • Test Execution Screen - Bulk update Test Scenario Results based on specific criteria.
  • Test Execution Screen - Export Test Execution Data based on filters of your choice.
  • Test Execution Screen - Shows Test Scenario result statistics as well as Action Step Result statistics. Beautiful pie charts help get complete test result view.
  • Test Execution Screen - Customize what you see. Re-organize columns. Re-size columns. Don't worry, we will remember your customization settings.
  • Want to change the scope of Test Run or re arrange test scenarios? Do it via comprehensive edit functionality of Test Run.
  • Clone Test Run - Allows users to copy Defects or Test Statuses if they choose to.
  • User can select whether to copy bugs or not while cloning Test Run. Also, user can select multiple results based on which Test Scenario would be cloned into new Test Run. User has flexibility in terms of selecting results of test scenarios in the clone test run going to be created.
  • Bulk update of results in Test Execution Screen allows you to update results at all level, be it Test Scenario, Action Step or Step Units.

 JIRA Cloud 1.2.1

Release Date: 2017-01-21

Summary: Release 1.2.1


  • Now see the Behavior Driven Gherkin Syntax of your Steps inside JIRA.
  • QMetry now provides more granular control of enabling and disabling QMetry features by projects.
  • Attach screen shots to Test Executions.
  • Features to associate stories without coverage in Test Run so when additional coverage is added, Rebuild could pick up the changes.
  • Step Unit Field’s can take much more data upto 5 KB.
  • Test Run Issue Page UI has been improved for intuitiveness and easy search.
 JIRA Cloud 1.2

Release Date: 2016-10-26

Summary: Release 1.2


  • Enhanced Test Automation
  • Add Cucumber tags automatically
  • Add Components, Sprint, Labels, Fix Versions and Comment
  • Upload humungous result files. Don’t worry, we will handle it
  • Import HP UFT results
  • Import QMetry Automation Studio results
  • When you create a defect in Test Run, we will automatically fill in steps to reproduce through Test Scenario/Action Step/Step Unit Data
  • All reports can now be used as widgets and displayed in dashboard
  • Use Reindexing to bring your data back in Sync
  • In Test Run, associate a defect by typing issue id
  • While creating Test Run, you can now filter by Status
  • You can check Test Runs and its results along with execution trends and defects from Story
  • See Issue Status in Story for Test Scenarios and Action Steps.
  • See reuse count of Test Scenarios and Action Steps with in story so that before modifying, you know the impact
  • In JIRA Boards, now you will be able to see Test Scenarios and Action Steps
  • Enhanced Re-sequencing features
 JIRA Cloud 1.16

Release Date: 2016-09-20

Summary: Customize, Configure, Trace & Always be Informed - Release 1.16 at your service


  • Modify the scope of your test run after it has been created. Add/removes Stories or Test Scenarios.
  • Trace Bugs back to Test Runs.
  • Test Scenarios and Action Steps have become much more information. See Success ration, trace them back to Test Runs and bugs.
  • Test Runs have summary and a lot more information.
  • Coverage Report allows much deeper drill down.
  • Issue Type filter added to various place including coverage report and Create Test Run
  • Restrict or Enable QMetry Functionality by projects or Issue Types.
  • Enhanced Import and Export utilities support.
  • Upgraded Menu
  • View the capabilities of reports before you open
 JIRA Cloud 1.15

Release Date: 2016-09-03

Summary: QMetry now supports Automation


  • QMetry Test Manager for JIRA now supports automation. Import all your automation results, combine manual test results and determine test coverage. For more details, read our documentation.
  • All reports can be exported as excel. This allows you to review specific Test Scenarios, Test Runs and or Action Steps and do further analysis in excel. These exported Test Artifacts are links in excel so you can easily open them and view them further.
  • Now Test Execution Results can be easily exported with Test scenarios, Action Steps and Step Units.

 JIRA Cloud 1.14

Release Date: 2016-08-12

Programmatically integrate QMetry for JIRA Server using REST APIs. Easily enable integration with Test Automation, CI & CD Tools

  • Access all features of QMetry via RESTful API. This includes Test Authoring, Test Execution, and Automation.
  • Integrate Automation frameworks like Cucumber, TestNG, JUnit or maven based projects. Or Integrate Bamboo, Jenkins or other tools via API.
  • Use these APIs to integrate any requirements tool or life cycle management tools.
 JIRA Cloud

Release Date: 2016-08-01

This release is focused on new features related to ease of use, convenience and intuitiveness. We hear you!

1) We will let you know if Issue Types are not associated. So you know how to fix it.

2) Intermediate Action Steps will automatically be created. You just sit back and relax!

3) Its easier to expand and collapse Test Scenarios now.

4) A Default Platform is always provided. So creating your first Test Run is never a problem.

5) Added more links to Menu to create Test Scenarios and get support.

6) Finding right sprint is easier than ever before. Find the right board and then the sprint you need is immediately visible.

 JIRA Cloud 1.12

Release Date: 2016-07-06

- Enhanced Customization with Status and Platforms.

- Enhanced reporting with more customization options.

- Improved user experience in Test Authoring and Execution

- Improved performance.

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